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Our 2018 month programs

  • UEA2018A: March 2018 – December, 2018. Currently accepting applications
  • UEA2018B: July 2018 – April 2019, Currently accepting applications

Key Elements of focus for our programs

During our 10-month programs, we focus on several key aspects of your business:

  1. Vision, Mission and 3-year Strategy
  2. Financing plan, Financial model and Fundraising plan
  3. Your Team
  4. The Individual Entrepreneur
  5. Developing your Business Model and Business Plan
  6. Growth and Transition to being an Effective CEO

While we work outside these categories, we use them as a guiding framework for how to support you to grow your business. For more details, please email lauren@unreasonableeastafrica.org.

How our 10-month Programs are Structured

DiagnosticsWe work alongside you to review your company’s business models, analyze strengths and weaknesses and draft key documents and tools. Most of this happens virtually, but we also visit you and your team at your offices for what we call a “site visit.”

Boot camps. We run two boot camps during the 10-month program in Kampala, Uganda. We all live within the same space while working on your business with our team, mentors, investors and your peers.  At this point in the program, entrepreneurs travel to Kampala to live together with the Unreasonable team and our network to benefit from practical, hands-on support to build their business capacity. Part I of the Spring 2018 10-month program will begin on April 26th to May 5th. At this phase, the focus will be on building key, foundational aspects of growing your business, meeting mentors and creating a community of peers. Part II is 7 days of intense support running from October 6th to the 13th. At this point we will review your initiated actions, problem solving success and leadership skills. For this all entrepreneurs will come back together to Kampala.

  • Part I – the first boot camp focuses on several key deliverables: Financial Model, Financing Plan, Business/Growth Plan, Company 2-Pager, Pitch Deck, Individual Leadership Plan, KPIs for Implementation Phase.   
  • Part II – the second boot camp is 7 days and is focused on more curated one-on-one support for the business via mentor meetings and help from the UEA team.

Implementation Support. Between the two boot camps we have 5 months of implementation support. We want to ensure that you and your team are in the best position to grow your company over the next several months before the second boot camp. This phase is all about supporting you and providing you the tools you need to be successful. This includes tangible tools, like a fundraising plan and pitch deck, as well as access to experts and mentors who know how to navigate your industry and advise you on how to best grow your company. During this period we will have an “Implementation Site Visit,” when one of two members of our team will travel to your offices for a day of in-depth work on a particular business challenge.  

Alumni Network. Following the 10 month program, you transition to our alumni support program to join the UEA network for life! As a part of this community, you will be able to continue to access support individually as a leader and entrepreneur as well as for your business’ long term growth.



What to expect

A Toolbox of Resources and Experts. Our 10-month program is designed to accelerate the pace at which your company grows. Our goal is to support your efforts by bringing together the right people and resources; a toolbox of experts, mentors, investors and business resources available in one place at one time. By the end of the program, you will have an established network, solutions to the challenges you and your business are facing and great clarity on what you need to focus on to grow your business and yourself as a leader.

Uninterrupted Focus. Imagine having a solid block of time to step out of the day-to-day management of your business to focus entirely on working to solve your company’s biggest challenges, map out the potential future of your business and reflect on yourself and the kind of leader you would like to be. Now envision the impact of being surrounded by dozens of individuals everyday with the expertise, knowledge, tools or resources that you would need to make this progress for yourself and your business! Sounds like a promising setup, right? We think so too.

Your Time is Your’s. Think about your schedule right now: you’re busy. Not just busy, but likely the busiest you have ever been. Right now you’re investing all your time into your company while also trying not to lose all your friends and function like a normal human being simultaneously. While we can’t renegotiate the number of hours in the average day from 24 to 36, we can create a space for you to concentrate.

During a typical day at our boot camps: You get up, breakfast is made for you. You go to a workshop, led by an expert in whatever topic is presented that day. Lunch in made for you. In the afternoon you can set up a meeting with one of our visiting mentors, a “surgery session” with a team member, check-in with your team or invest time in working on your business. Dinner is made for you, cleaning is done for you. We take care of the details so you can focus on the growth of YOU and your business.  

What a day looks like during the boot camp

Morning Workshop. The day begins with a workshop or morning session lead by either a visiting mentor or an expert in the topic being presented. An example workshop is Strategic Planning with mentor Tayeb Noorbhai, the Co-Founder and Director of Toto Health Tanzania. These workshops are coordinated within a preset curriculum and designed based on you and your business’ needs.

Afternoon Mentor-ship Meetings. In the afternoons you are able to schedule time with visiting mentors and industry experts. You get to choose to book time with people who you find interesting or believe will be able to support a particular part of your business. Before you get to the program, you will know who will be there in a mentor-ship capacity so you can have and initial correspondence (if you want!) before meeting during the program.

Evening Work. The evenings are for you to relax and catch up on work from the day. The UEA team will be on site at all times to support you as well all the visiting mentors. Because we will be living under the same roof, you will have access to advisors 24/7! This is also a time for you to catch up with your team about the day.

Additional Information

Once participation in the program is confirmed, our team will send logistics information and an in-depth timeline regarding expectations for the following 10 months. If you have any questions regarding being a part of our programs, please email Angela at angela@unreasonableeastafrica.org.

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