About Us

Why Unreasonable East Africa?

We are an East African company founded by East Africans who are entrepreneurs themselves.

Our Vision

We exist to unlock the potential of East Africa’s economies.


Our Mission

We grow high-impact companies that have immense potential to contribute to the growth of East Africa’s emerging market economies. The entrepreneurs behind these businesses are creative minds and/or industry pioneers who observe the status quo, but envision something much better. They recognise the space for transformation and are not afraid to light the first match. They are makers, doers, and shakers. We work closely in partnership to support them to successfully create the world they imagine.


Our Values

Treat others like the Messiah (Humility)

Be militantly transparent (Truthfulness)

Lean into fear (Courage)

Experiment Boldly (Fearless Intuition)

Do what works (Impact)

Get shit done (Execute)

Remember to Dance (Celebrate!)

What we do

We provide multidimensional support to entrepreneurs and their businesses across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Our team and network of experts have either built their own businesses, or have specific experience and expertise on multiple areas related to building a successful business like strategic planning, raising investment, building efficient & effective operations, sales, marketing, growing teams and more. We take a holistic approach in our work with companies, focusing primarily on their strategy, operations, financing, team and leadership development.


How we define “high-impact”

We see high-impact companies as catalysts in at least one of the following ways:

  • Creating economic opportunities    
  • Producing products or services that directly increase the quality of life of East Africans
  • The potential to positively advance, transform or disrupt existing systems or sectors through creative, innovative business approaches

It is essential that all businesses that we work with are operated as “good businesses,” – driven by revenue growth and with the ability to create benefit for all the stakeholders – customers, employees, the community, suppliers and the environment – not just the owners.


Our Model

We select 10-15 high potential companies to attend each of our 10-month programs and surround them with the knowledge, mentorship, tools, capital and connections they need to grow a successful business.



Why We Are Unreasonable

The name “Unreasonable” was inspired by  a quote from George Bernard Shaw, a celebrated Irish playwright who won both a Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award and co-founded of the London School of Economics.


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in adapting the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.


The entrepreneurs we work with look at the massive challenges we face as great opportunities, leveraging the power of business to combat them while meeting the needs of people and our planet. To do this, they must innovate new technologies, transform systems and pioneer new ways of thinking… This is why we call them unreasonable. Because we work with UNREASONABLE entrepreneurs in East Africa, we are called Unreasonable East Africa.


Check out what some of our UNREASONABLE entrepreneurs do:

An entrepreneur providing access to safe, clean drinking water in low-income communities by equipping entrepreneurs to set up their own water businesses through a franchise model. Since January 2015, they have launched over more than 200 businesses(more than one per week)  Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe. These franchises have produced more than 45 million liters of drinking water during this time, serving consumers who on average earn less than $5 / day.

An entrepreneur that is reducing the rate of deforestation by producing an alternative type of fuel and briquettes made from agricultural waste on a massive scale. In addition, they produce energy efficient stoves that improve fuel efficiency by reducing the amount of fuel needed to make a meal.

An entrepreneur seeking to improve the reading culture among Kenyans by setting up a chain of libraries that provide age appropriate books and tutoring to young kids. The grades of the children they work with have improved 25% in comparison to children not utilizing the libraries.


Our Story





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