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Location: Kampala, Uganda

Dates: April 2016 (Exact dates to be confirmed)

Goal: Help early/idea-stage entrepreneurs rapidly identify and validate the foundational assumptions of their business.

Open to companies that:

*If you would like to participate in a Lab, but are not located in Kampala, Uganda, please fill in this form to let us know! We will be holding Labs in other areas based off demand.

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Location: Kampala, Uganda

Dates: July/August, 2016 (Exact dates to be confirmed)

Goal: Help early-stage companies that already have significant traction grow.

Open to companies that:

  • Operate in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania
  • Are for-profit or non-profit
  • Have achieved significant traction in their market already, meaning they have some customers/users and have started generating revenues.
  • Have released their product/service, gained feedback from their target population, and then iterated their product to better meet the demand. In short, they have “market intimacy”.
  • Have a strong business model
  • Click here to learn about the 2016 Institute
  • Email any questions to



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