Unreasonable Capital Partners

Capital Partners are people experienced in helping ventures prepare to take on funding. They act as mentors but with a funding tilt. They could be mainstream private equity folks or seasoned fundraisers in the the social space. Some Capital Partners could potentially fund Unreasonable Ventures, but this is not an expectation. Some Capital Partners are not able to or interested in funding Unreasonable Ventures. All Capital Partners are driven by one thing: helping the Unreasonable ventures succeed in their fundraising efforts! The goals of these relationships are to prepare the ventures to take on capital, to find actual funding sources, and to connect with potential funding sources in the Capital Partners’ network both for short-term and long-term funding needs. We invite Capital Partners to strengthen their work with our ventures through attending the Unreasonable Institute and our Investor Days event.

We provide Capital Partners…

  • Access to a stellar angel and investor network: The opportunity to build close relationships, share due diligence, and co/follow-on invest with other Unreasonable Capital Partners and a network of highly unreasonable investors. For those serious about joining, we are happy to share with you who is involved.
  • Centralized, top-notch deal flow: Centralized access to an ever-growing pool of thrice-vetted entrepreneurs chosen from hundreds of applicants around East Africa each year. Our entrepreneurs are trained by some of the best mentors in the world and receive the support of a world-class network.
  • Dedicated support from Unreasonable staff member:  Our teammate Ivan is here to help you find the deals that most excite you and align with what you are looking for. He also works to prepare our entrepreneurs for the due diligence process to make sure you get what you need to efficiently move to “yes” or “no” on investments.
  • Quarterly reports: Semi-annual reports on the entrepreneurs you’re most interested in.
  • Free VIP admission to the Unreasonable Climax:  Our largest community event showcasing our ventures at the end of the Institute (date to be announced).
  • The acclaimed title of Unreasonable Capital Partner (how cool is that?)

We ask that Unreasonable Capital Partners…

  • Spend some time building relationships with our Unreasonable Fellows and advising them on issues like how to prepare to get capital and which kind of capital that they need.
  • Be great capital connectors for our Unreasonable Ventures to find actual funding sources or connect to more capital resources within your network.
  • Join us as a special guest anytime during our 5 week program to spend time interacting with our Unreasonable Ventures.
  • Attend our post-Institute Investor Days (Info on Investor Days 2015 coming soon. In the meantime, check out what we did for Investor Days in 2014!)

Ready to become an Unreasonable Capital Partner?

Please contact Ivan, our VP of Finance and Administration, here with questions or to join this exclusive group of Capital Partners. He would be ecstatic to talk to you more about this program.

It’s an Honor

If you’re considering becoming a Capital Partner, we can’t thank you enough. We strongly believe that we can’t afford to send the next generation of entrepreneurs into the world unprepared to tackle its greatest challenges. And these entrepreneurs won’t be prepared, no matter the size of their networks, no matter the mentorship they receive, if they don’t have the capital to breathe life into their ventures. For your willingness to give these entrepreneurs, who we believe are some of the most promising in the world, a chance to prove their solutions may one day define progress in our time, you have our deepest and most unreasonable thanks.