Unreasonable Executive Leadership Coaching Program

Unreasonable East Africa exists to give the entrepreneurs tackling East Africa’s greatest social and environmental challenges the resources and relationships they need to grow and scale their impact.

This requires more support than we can provide in a 5-week program, and one way we continue to support Unreasonable Fellows is by giving them access to free, world-class professional coaching.

Coaching provides entrepreneurs with a broader foundation from which to create powerful and sustainable outcomes. It accelerates their growth as leaders and entrepreneurs, while giving them a valuable tool for accountability and clarity building as they navigate the rough waters of building a world-changing organization.

We match our Fellows with seasoned professional coaches who commit to offer at least 12 pro-bono, hour-long coaching sessions. In exchange, coaches work with some of our world’s most impactful entrepreneurs, join the prestigious Unreasonable network, and are invited to attend all Unreasonable events for free.

Fellows: Working With a Coach

Coaches are professionally trained question-askers that can help you clarify your priorities and achieve your goals and vision. They have extensive experience in facing and re-framing personal and entrepreneurial challenges, co-creating a structure for action, strategizing outside of the box, and shining a light on blind spots and unacknowledged successes. Coaches help you to develop your capabilities and reach beyond your potential.

Unreasonable East Africa works only with highly qualified and experienced coaches. To learn more about coaching, read this article from the Harvard Business Review.

To be matched with a coach, read the FAQ and then complete the coaching form in the link below. When complete, send this form to Renee Freedman at renee@reneefreedman.com. We will then schedule a 30-minute conversation to clarify your needs and answer any questions you may have about coaching.

You will then be introduced to the coach we believe is your best fit for a quick exploratory call. If, after the call, you agree, the 12 sessions will begin.  Once you are matched with a coach, you sign an agreement of commitment with them and get started.

At the conclusion of 12 sessions, both coach and Fellow complete an evaluation. Both have the option of engaging for another 12 sessions with one another or with a different individual.

Get matched with a coach