Community Associate

Core Job to Be Done

Your mission: To foster a strong sense of both internal and external community at the Unreasonable East Africa 2016 Institute. Fostering internal community involves setting up and managing the Unreasonable Mansion (our home for the 5 weeks) to run smoothly at all times. Fostering external community involves organising all Unreasonable East Africa’s events, ensuring they run smoothly and managing all external communications for Unreasonable East Africa during the 5-week program, especially social media, photography and videography, if available.

This roles involves a lot of hospitality, setting up & managing systems and processes, planning, coordination, communications and organising. If these are not the things that you are good at or enjoy doing, this is NOT the right role for you!!!

The Unreasonable Mansion is a house of 50+ people working 24 hours a day.  It is full of energy and takes a lot of work to keep running!

Dates: June 1 – August 31 2016

Key Responsibilities

  • In coordination with the owners of the Unreasonable Mansion (a guest house), setting up the Unreasonable Mansion so that it is fully ready for the 5-week Institute.
    • Assigning rooms to Fellows, Mentors and Capital Partners
    • Designing the rooms to be super welcoming. The entire Unreasonable Mansion should be REALLY inspiring. In addition, our guests should feel at home and NEVER want to leave.
    • Designing the workspace/s to make them creative and inviting. These spaces should be REALLY inspiring and comfortable, encouraging creativity and execution among our fellows.
    • Creating contingency plans for and dealing with any crisis that comes up like a flood or fire
  • In coordination with the owners of the Unreasonable Mansion (a guest house), ensure that the mansion runs smoothly, including:
    • Cleaning – make sure the Mansion is staying clean and that rooms are prepared for each new arrival (changing sheets, fresh toiletries). This will also involve creating daily habits for all inhabitants to maintain tidiness in the mansion.
    • Meals – make sure meals are served on time. A hungry man is an angry man. 🙂
    • Managing Unreasonable inventory (cleaning supplies, sheets, toiletries etc)
  • Being the first point of contact when people arrive at the Mansion. You will aim to greet everyone who walks in and be  ready to help however you can, including showing people to their rooms.
  • Planning and managing all Unreasonable East Africa events during the 5-week program which will include networking happy hours(entrepreneur, mentor and investor), and the Unreasonable Launchpad. This will include:
    • Fully managing and coordinating all logistics for all events including  liaising with venues and event service providers to ensure that events run smoothly. This also involves providing them with clear event running orders in advance and thanking them for their help after the event
    • Making sure all events have the best equipment available and issues like the projector working, the microphones failing or power outages do not interrupt these events.
    • Making sure all events are Unreasonably well branded.
    • Setting up and managing registration for all events. For the Unreasonable Launchpad in 2015, this involved registering over 400 people in less than 30 minutes. Closely related, this involves making sure we have the right audience to attend these events to facilitate curation.
  • Managing external communications for all our events. This will include;
    • Marketing events to the local community and beyond to ensure an excellent turnout. We expect to hold 500+ attendee events.
    • Making sure our website and social media platforms are updated in real time.
  • Doing whatever it takes to ensure that we send the next generation of entrepreneurs into the world prepared to tackle its greatest challenges

We Want Someone Who (Qualifications)

  • Loves logistics. We need you to be super organized and obsessed with behind-the-scenes detail to make sure everything looks effortless but well organized! You have an uncompromising record of punctuality and organizational capability.
  • Loves working with and putting on events for people! You are cheerful, hospitable and love making sure people are comfortable and have whatever they need. Ideally you have experience managing VIPs. We’re looking for someone who wakes up in the morning and thinks about how they can design new structures and spaces for people to connect, who loves hosting dinner parties at their house, and who might volunteer to plan a wedding! You live for this stuff!
  • Has event planning experience. You have planned and executed an event (could be a high profile party or gathering), ideally that involved more than 50 people and took more than one day.
  • Knows how to design spaces. You have designed creative and inspiring spaces before. You have the eye for brilliant design and ambience. You know how to make dormant rooms come alive with limited resources and have the unwavering belief that nothing is impossible when it comes to transforming spaces.
  • Is able to delegate tasks effectively to the rest of the team (this can be like herding cats!)
  • Thrives on teams, and believes that we > I. (a hat tip to Skillshare for sharing this great value with us). We believe in finding ways to expand the pie so that everyone can get a larger slice rather than trying to claim as much value as possible from a fixed pie.  We believe in pathological collaboration and that this journey is about all of us. This includes being able to delegate tasks effectively to the rest of the team when necessary.
  • Knows that the “magic is in the details”. You pay attention to the small things that make a difference when it comes to making people feel at home. You believe that no task is too small.
  • Is comfortable in a start-up environment. You are willing to work beyond the job description, wear many hats, and roll with constant change.
  • Most importantly, you believe in the power of entrepreneurship in solving some of the greatest challenges that we face and will jump for an opportunity to play a small part in a grand journey as we seek to make our world a much better place.


Apply for Community Associate Position

Due: 6th May, 2016

Thank you for your interest in applying for this  role!  We look forward to reading your application!

Step 1: How to Apply

By Friday 6th May, 2016, send an email to with the subject line “Community Associate: [Your Name]”. Please attach the following documents to the email (DO NOT include them in the body of the email):

  • A document with this information:
    • Why are you interested in the Community Associate position? What makes you a great fit for that role? (max 300 words)
    • Why Unreasonable East Africa? Why do you want to devote a period of your life to working for Unreasonable East Africa? (max 300 words)
    • Take the list in the job description titled ‘We want someone who…..’ and next to each point, tell us what evidence you have that you fulfill this criteria.
      • For example, We are looking for someone who knows the ‘magic is in the details’.  You might tell us about a time when you called everyone attending an event to find out what their favorite snack is. When they arrived at your event, their favorite snack was sitting on their reserved seat waiting for them.
      • Make it fun and interesting – if possible use videos from events you’ve been involved in, websites, testimonials from attendees, photos etc

Step 2:  If you move on to the next round, we will have you do the following:

  • Provide at least 2 references
  • Come visit us for a trial day, which will include an interview with the Unreasonable Team

Step 3: Our goal is to have you start on June 1, 2016.