Unreasonable Events and Communications Maverick

Apply by 28 February, 2015

Your missionTo ensure all Unreasonable East Africa events not only run smoothly but achieve their desired aims which include inspiring the community, showcasing Unreasonable ventures to potential investors and enabling curated and serendipitous connections. In addition, this role also involves managing all external communications for Unreasonable East Africa.

Dates: 1 May, 2015-31 August, 2015

Position:  Internship

Compensation:  Living Stipend covered

 Key Responsibilities

  • Planning and managing all Unreasonable East Africa events during the 5-week program which will include events like networking happy hours, pitch sessions, and large community events. This will include:
    • Making sure all events are Unreasonably well branded.
    • Making sure all events have the best equipment available and issues like the projector working, the microphones failing or power outages do not interrupt these events.
    • Ensuring that these events encourage effective serendipity and connections among attendees
    • Programing these events to be super fun and unforgettable. Our attendees should want to attend another one of our events without thinking twice.
    • Liaising with venue staff – providing them with clear event running orders in advance and thanking them for their help after the event
    • Setting up and managing registration for all events. For the Unreasonable Climax in 2014, this involved registering over 200 people in less than 30 minutes. Closely related, this involves making sure we have the right audience to attend these events to facilitate curation.
  • Managing external communications for all our events. This will include;
    • Marketing events to the local community and beyond to ensure an excellent turnout. We expect to hold 500+ attendee events.
    • Getting Unreasonable East Africa and all fellows published in mainstream media.
    • Making sure our website and social media platforms are updated in real time.
  • Locking up huge sponsorships to reinforce our events. This includes;
    • Locking up the sponsorships. It could be a few crates of beer from Nile Breweries, or anything.
    • Maintaining relationships with these sponsors.
    • Ensuring and making sure our sponsors are being treated like the Messiah and are gaining real tangible value out of working with us. This involves ensuring their product is well displayed, getting them free tickets to every event and communicating with them on a regular basis. This is super highly important for us.
  • Documenting the 5-week Unreasonable East Africa Institute. This may include;
    • Creating videos to tell the story of each of our entrepreneurs
    • Arranging to shoot the important sections of our 5-week program
    • Making sure all our events are captured on video
  • Ideating and planning new innovative community events to bring the community and Unreasonable together
  • Working with VP of Mentorship and VP of Finance and Administration to provide logistics for mentor and investor events
  • Coming up with fabulous new ideas of how to make Unreasonable events even better and highly attended!

We Want Someone Who (Qualifications)

  • Loves to put on events for people—who views them as a place where community is built and where humanity is expressed. We’re looking for someone who wakes up in the morning and thinks about how they can design new structures and spaces for people to connect, who loves hosting dinner parties at their house, and who might volunteer to plan a wedding! You live for this stuff!
  • Is a guru with communication. This means;
    • Knows how to get published with big media
    • Has run marketing campaigns in the past to attract over 500 people
  • Has a keen eye for design and knows how to pull off well branded events
  • Is a great story teller. This will be key as we document the 5-week program.
  • Knows that the “magic is in the details” and pay attention to the small things that make a difference when it comes to pulling off an event.
  • Constantly looks around at events for ways to improve them and be aware that the buck stops with you
  • Has successfully ideated, executed and managed events for 100+ people and run complex multi-day events.
  • Has managed sponsors and VIPs
  • Is able to demonstrate creativity within the events space
  • Is able to delegate tasks effectively to the rest of the team (this can be like herding cats!)
  • Is willing to work beyond the job description, wear many hats, and roll with constant change. In addition, you believe that no task is too small.
  • Thrives on teams, and believes that we > I. (a hat tip to Skillshare for sharing this great value with us). We believe in finding ways to expand the pie so that everyone can get a larger slice rather than trying to claim as much value as possible from a fixed pie.  Thus, we believe in pathological collaboration and that this journey is about all of us. This includes being able to delegate tasks effectively to the rest of the team when necessary
  • Is able to work with is on the ground between 1 May, 2015 and 31 August, 2015
  • Most importantly, believes in the power of entrepreneurship in solving some of the greatest challenges that we face  and will jump for an opportunity to play a small part in a grand journey as we seek to make our world a much better place.

How to APPLY

Step 1: Submit your application

By February 28th, 2015 send an email to joakim@unreasonableeastafrica.org with the subject line “Events and Communications Maverick: [Your Name]”. Please attach the following documents to the email (DO NOT include them in the body of the email):

  • A document with this information:
    • Why are you interested in the Events and Communications Maverick position? What makes you a great fit for that role? (max 300 words)
    • Why Unreasonable East Africa? Why do you want to devote a period of your life to working for Unreasonable East Africa? (max 300 words)
  • A “portfolio” of your work: Show us what you’ve done, don’t tell us. Send us a “portfolio” of events you’ve put on, whether it’s videos from those events, websites, testimonials from attendees, articles in the press about your events, etc. Make sure to give us a clear idea of how you think through, plan and design an event. Show us what you believe is your best work. Keep it to 5 pages maximum. (Note: we are more interested in seeing what you’ve produced than a resume. But if you feel that positions you’ve held in the past will help us get a picture of what you can do, include it in your portfolio)
  • A document explaining your solution to this Unreasonable Challenge: Put together a plan for an alternative way of getting the community engaged with Unreasonable. In 2014, we had the ‘Unreasonable Climax’ which was a Ted-X style event where each of our entrepreneurs pitched their business to an audience of 250 local attendees for 5 minutes. Preparation for this took up a ton of time for both the Unreasonable team and the entrepreneurs and we are considering whether this is the right use of everyone’s time and energy…. We still want to involve the local community so we are looking for an event / events that are less stressful for the entrepreneurs but could still inspire/involve/engage the community. Your plan should include ideas for a venue, a budget, format, ideas on how to make it awesome and even how it should be promoted and to who. You can put this plan together in any format/program you like!
  • Provide references. Send us background and contact information for two references who can speak to your performance and character with authority.

Step 2:  If you move on to the next round, we will have you do the following:

  • Have an interview with the Unreasonable Team
  • Come visit us for a trial day

Step 3: Our Goal is to have you start on May 1, 2015