Ideal Candidates for the 2013 Institute

Below are some of the ventures from our 2012 Program. They are strong examples for-profit ventures with scalable impact that we believe are a perfect fit for the Unreasonable Institute!

Aquaphytex (Spain)

Company in 1 sentence: Using plants, nature’s very own filter, Aquaphytex purifies wastewater without chemicals and energy.

Traction: Thus far, Aquaphytex has provided clean drinking water to 300,000 people, making $4 million in revenue. As a consequence, they’ve seen cholera-related infant mortality decrease by 75% in Mali, where they provided 8,000 people clean drinking water.

EcoPost (Kenya)

Company in 1 sentence: EcoPost tackles deforestation and waste by transforming waste plastic into durable “plastic lumber” that can be used to build homes, make fence posts and do anything else that lumber can be used for.

Traction: EcoPost has saved 1 million kilograms of plastic from going into landfills and over 250 acres of forest from being cut down. They have also generated $80,000 selling plastic lumber and created over 20 jobs.

Musoni (UK)

Company in 1 sentence: Musoni is the first 100% cashless microfinance institution in history.

Traction: Musoni has provided $2 million in microfinance loans to 8,000 clients and raised $4 million in equity funding.

Conserve India (India)

Company in 1 sentence: Conserve turns poor people making their living by digging through trash into designers who turn the waste they find into fashionable products.

Traction: Conserve India has created jobs for 600 people, generated $500,000 in revenue.

Quetsol (Guatemala)

Company in 1 sentence: Quetsol’s solar systems provide light to off-the-grid families at the cost of candles.

Traction: Quetsol has sold over $500,000 worth of solar home systems in 16 months, illuminating 3,000 homes and benefitting around 15,000 people.