Funders: How to Plug In

We cannot afford to send the next generation of entrepreneurs into the world unprepared to tackle its greatest challenges.

The Unreasonable Institute exists to help unreasonable entrepreneurs thrive and impact the lives of millions. These entrepreneurs will not succeed, no matter the size of their networks or depth of mentorship they receive, if they don’t have capital to grow, scale and maximise their impact. Below are some ways that you can get involved in helping unreasonable entrepreneurs gain access to the capital they need.


7 Ways Funders Can Plug Into Unreasonable

1) Become an Unreasonable AngelWe are uniting a group of the world’s most Unreasonable Angels who believe that given the right support, entrepreneurs and their ventures can achieve earth-bending impact and tackle some of the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time. Yes, Unreasonable Angels are a bit Unreasonable and that is a good thing! These Angels will be directly connected to thrice-vetted, high-impact Unreasonable ventures, which are each progressing towards their goals of reaching at least one million people with the backing of a world-class network of support. Through this network, Unreasonable Angels also gain access to hundreds of other co-/follow-on investors.

2) Become an Unreasonable Capital Partner (a resource for entrepreneurs on how to be investable). Capital Partners are people experienced in helping ventures prepare to take on funding. They act as mentors but with a funding tilt. They could be mainstream private equity folks or seasoned fundraisers in the the social space. Some Capital Partners could potentially fund Unreasonable Ventures, but this is not an expectation. Some Capital Partners are not able to or interested in funding Unreasonable Ventures. All Capital Partners are driven by one thing: help the Unreasonable ventures succeed in their fundraising efforts! We invite Capital Partners to come attend the Unreasonable Institute and focus on working with one to three ventures.

3) Donate to the Unreasonable East Africa Revolving Loan Fund (currently under development). With the help of the Unreasonable Institute and the Boehm family, we are setting up a revolving loan fund to be able to provide capital in the form of a short-term loan to be solely used for revenue generating projects to ventures a part of Unreasonable East Africa.

4) Attend Unreasonable East Africa Investor Days. Info on Investor Days 2015 coming soon. In the meantime, check out what we did for Investor Days in 2014!

5) Invest or donate directly to Unreasonable Fellows. Our 2014 class of entrepreneurs are all out tackling a variety of social and environmental issues all over East Africa. If you are interested in having funding discussions with an Unreasonable entrepreneur please browse the Fellows profiles and contact Ivan here so he can help connect you with ventures that may interest you.

6) Unreasonable Capital Fund:ONE. Unreasonable Capital is an entrepreneur-centric seed-stage venture capital fund that invests exclusively in entrepreneurs who participate in the Unreasonable Institute. We are currently in the process of raising our first fund (aka Fund:ONE) which is designed to benefit all the entrepreneurs who participate in the Institute while ultimately financing those who are market ready. We do this by guaranteeing all Unreasonable Fellows 25% of their next round of financing (capped at 250k) assuming they raise the remaining 75% of their raise within 12 months of graduating from the Institute. In this sense, we are first money committed into the round, and last money in. The model is that simple…well, almost that simple. Read all the details at or contact Daniel here.

7) Contact us! We are always looking for ways to break down the barriers to investing in entrepreneurs like those that attend the Unreasonable East Africa Institute. If you have any ideas or are interested in finding out more please contact our teammate and VP of Finance and Administration Ivan here.