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Qualities of a Good Unreasonable Mentor

  • Passion: They love mentoring entrepreneurs. We have found that some of our best mentors are people who are just on-fire about working with early-stage ventures and entrepreneurs. Mentoring is personally rewarding and energizing.
    • For example: David Kyle, a mentor with the Unreasonable East Africa can’t get enough mentorship. When he showed up at the Institute in 2014, he made sure to meet with all of our fellows and is still in touch with most of them.
  • Experience: They have done what our entrepreneurs are trying to do. For example, they have scaled early-stage companies, lifted thousands of people out of poverty, built supply chains and distribution networks, hired and fired employees, taken on multiple rounds of capital, made major mistakes, and lived to see through it all.
    • For example: Nick Moon, a mentor with Unreasonable East Africa is a founding director of a company, Kickstart, that has lifted over 750,000 people out of poverty and created over 127,000 businesses.
  • Humility: It’s not about them. They’re not mentoring to pad their resume or feel self-important. They’re mentoring because they love working with entrepreneurs and see a role for them to participate in the success and impact of an Unreasonable entrepreneur.
    • For example: Nat Robinson, a mentor with the Unreasonable East Africa Institute is the CEO of Juhudi Kilimo, one of East Africa’s most impressive companies creating impact. They have managed to provide asset financing to over 45,000 farmers in Kenya. But most fellows know him better for his brilliant advice than for what he has accomplished.
  • Method: They seek understanding first. They ask good questions before offering advice. They are good listeners. They are good communications and are able to articulate ideas with positivity.
    • For example: Alfred Wise, a mentor with Unreasonable East Africa is one of our best mentors because he listens intently before offering well-time advice.
  • Impact: They’re excited about helping entrepreneurs tackling some of the world’s biggest social and environmental problems.
    • Jibu empowers entrepreneurs to launch profitable, decentralized water businesses that make safe water affordable for everyone. They have 4 businesses launched so far.
    • KadAfrica works with 356 smallholder farmers (most who are women and girls) training them in effectively growing and selling fruit.
    • Village Energy distributes solar systems for off-the-grid households. They recruit and train community-based electricians as well as radio and cell phone repairmen to become solar technicians who distribute, install and repair solar systems. They have reached 4,000 households so far.
    • Please find the other ventures here.
  • Availability and Engagement: They’re excited about the community that Unreasonable offers and engage actively with it. Unreasonable is more than a network, it is a family, a community of fun and committed individuals who believe we can use the power of entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.


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