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Mentor Types 

Prospective Mentors

Prospective Mentors are individuals that have been referred or recruited to Unreasonable East Africa and have been vetted by our team, but have yet to engage with entrepreneurs.

Why:  We want to create a preliminary, low-pressure way for a potential mentor to initially engage with our entrepreneurs. Through this process, mentors are tested on their demonstrated mentoring abilities while giving Prospective Mentors a window into the experience before making a commitment.

Commitment: As a Prospective Mentor, you have no time commitment or pressure, other than your interest in exploring the possibility of becoming an Unreasonable Mentor by sharing conversations with entrepreneurs. Dependent on need of their expertise, Prospective Mentors will be invited to mentor at Unreasonable Labs or spend 1-2 days at the Unreasonable East Africa Institute to test their mentoring abilities; this is also a chance for Prospective Mentors to see what mentoring with us entails before fully committing. Those who have effectively demonstrated their ability to mentor will then become Expert Mentors for our next program.  

Expert Mentors

Expert Mentors that are currently in the Unreasonable Mentor network and have demonstrated ability to bring their expertise to help entrepreneurs tackle specific challenges  – areas can include: business modeling, hiring, supply chain management and many others. The majority of our mentors fall under this category.

Why: This is a core value proposition of the Unreasonable East Africa Institute. Entrepreneurs apply to our program because they want to learn from seasoned experts in different fields.

Commitment: Spend at least 2-3 days at the Unreasonable East Africa Institute, where you will meet one-on-one with entrepreneurs to deep dive into their specific challenge areas. We ask that all Expert Mentors be willing to provide a minimum of six months of mentorship, after the Institute, to at least one venture. The frequency of interaction post-Institute will be determined by the mentor and entrepreneur; we encourage at least meeting for monthly check-ins.

Investor Mentors

Investor Mentors who are tasked with the role of helping entrepreneurs become more attractive for investment by guiding them on developing fundraising materials and strategies. Investor Mentors will be matched before the Institute with a specific venture to closely work with, but can also mentor other ventures during the Institute.

Why: Every entrepreneur needs to raise funding to grow their impact. To be able to succeed in the fundraising arena, we need to prepare them to with the right materials and confidence to succeed. To be able to do this well, they will learn from experts who understand this arena.

Commitment: Engage in a 1 hour introductory call or meeting with entrepreneur pre-Institute to get to know each other and seek understanding of the venture. We request that Investor Mentors spend 3-5 days at the Unreasonable East Africa Institute during Investor Week, a week focused on investment & fundraising, and provide a minimum of six months mentorship to the venture you’ve been matched with. The frequency of interaction

How Mentors are selected

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