Meet the 2014 Unreasonable Companies

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  • Eco Fuels Kenya

    Supporting sustainable livelihoods through sustainable energy + fertilizer productionRead More


  • Village Energy

    Village Energy

    Designing solar energy solutions for communitiesRead More

  • Grab A Book

    Grab A Book

    Improving children’s education by creating libraries in slum schools

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  • Geel Medical Services

    Geel Medical Services

    High-quality healthcare service providers offering affordable, comprehensive careRead More

  • Green Bio Energy

    Providing more efficient and environmentally sustainable cooking options.

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  • I-Care Pads

    Empowering women + girls through improved menstrual health

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  • Jibu

    Equipping entrepreneurs to start affordable safe water businesses.

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  • Juabar

    Solar-powered electricity convenience stores for an off-grid world.

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  • KadAfrica

    Equipping smallholder farmers with the tools for sustainable livelihoods through passion fruit cultivation.

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  • SmartLife

    Increasing access to water and wellness products through subscription + delivery services.

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  • Wana Energy Solutions

    Affordable clean cooking options for households + businesses

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  • Telesat International Cottage Industrial Development Institute

    Entrepreneurship development center

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Nairobi, Kenya

Jack O’Reagan (Co-founder)
Tyler Goodwin (Co-founder)


Smart Life sells affordable, clean drinking water, along with wellness products (health, hygiene, nutrition) to low-income families through retail locations and a subscription service. They also aim to educate their customers through information campaigns focused on clean and healthy living. In less than a year of operation, SmartLife has sales of over 88,000 liters of water.