Programs Manager 2018

Position:  Full time

Start Date: As soon as role is filled

Your mission: To deliver the highest quality UEA programs, supporting entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the project management of UEA programs. This will involve:

    • Planning the delivery of UEA programs
    • Leading on the execution of UEA programs
  • Leading team facilitation and line management. You will be responsible for coordinating the cross-departmental programs team and line managing the program associates.
  • Leading support for our entrepreneurs. You will coordinate how we support entrepreneurs. This involves:
    • Carrying out recruitment and planning visits to the cohort companies,
    • Inducting entrepreneurs and their businesses onto the Program
    • Coordinating the account management for the companies.
  • Supporting Program improvement and design You will support the Director of Programs in the ongoing improvement of our existing program and the design of our new programs
  • Supporting UEA’s Monitoring and Evaluation. This will involve:
    • Continually evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of our support to entrepreneurs and their businesses in our programs.
    • Continually collecting information and key data on the growth and impact of our entrepreneurs and their businesses  
  • Doing whatever it takes to give an UNREASONABLE advantage to companies.  We are a small entrepreneurial team that steps up when there is work to be done.  At times, you’ll be expected to work outside of just your role to contribute to our team’s overall efforts.

We want someone who(qualifications)

Education/Work Experience

We understand that you may have demonstrated these capabilities in a broad variety of sectors including business start up, education, program management or something else. We are more interested in your abilities to demonstrate to us how you have demonstrated these abilities in the multiple contexts in which you have and are not limiting the ways you have demonstrated them.


  • You are educated to at least undergraduate degree level
  • You have at least 5 years relevant work experience
  • You must have at least 2 years experience of living and working in East Africa

Skills + Capabilities

  • Project Management. Ability to plan, execute, coordinate projects- leading to completion of the work of a team, achieving specific goals and meet specific success criteria in the required time frame
    • Essential. You have at least 4 years experience of managing multiple projects
    • Desirable. You have developed and managed a project from scratch
  • Line Management and People Support. Passion for developing people; Ability to coach employees to positive change; Consistent feedback and support for direct reports
    • Essential. You have at least 3 years experience of coordinating a Project team
    • Desirable. You have experience of line managing staff
  • Building Relationships. Ability to quickly build rapport and engagement with people; Coach and support entrepreneurs to positive change
    • Essential.
      • You are a people person. You love engaging with and getting to know people and are able to demonstrate the following traits:
        • Empathy
        • Problem solving
        • Good oral and written communication
        • Active listening
        • Curiosity and Inquisitiveness
      • You have experience of developing relationships with a broad variety of stakeholders
      • You have experience of using a coaching approach to support stakeholders
  • Program Design. Ability to: Evaluate existing work; Assess needs of our target stakeholders; Develop creative and innovative solutions; and, Develop a method for prototyping, testing and developing new ideas.
    • Essential. You have experience of reviewing and improving an existing project or program.
    • Desirable. You have led the design of a new program, product or project from its inception.
  • Workshop Facilitation. Ability to design and execute an interactive external or internal workshop
    • Essential. You have the confidence to run an interactive session for staff members or a group of entrepreneurs
    • Desirable. You have experience in designing and running workshops for internal and external audiences.
  • Business Acumen. Ability to understand how a business operates and makes money, and to proactively anticipate, navigate and leverage trends impacting the business
    • Essential. You have a passion of understanding more about how to set up and develop a business. You are a fast learner and can demonstrate a time where you have come into a new role and quickly learnt about the content  of work.
    • Desirable. You have experience of supporting entrepreneurs or you have direct experience of setting up a company.
  • Analytical Skills. Ability to collect, gather, visualize and analyze information in details. This includes the ability to see a problem or situation from different points of view. Analytical skills allow you to solve complex problems by making decisions in the most effective way.
    • Essential. 
      • You have experience in making evidence-based decisions.
      • You have experience in presenting a set of complex information in a clear and visual way

The Unreasonable Values

We are a values-driven organization, and we love to work with people that share these values:

  • Treat everyone like the Messiah – Humility
  • Be militantly transparent- Truthfulness
  • Lean into fear- Courage
  • Experiment boldly- Experiment
  • Do what works- Impact
  • Get shit done- Execution
  • Remember to dance- Celebrate

How to apply

  • To apply, follow the link at
  • Then, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and follow the instructions
  • Your application and CV/Resume must be uploaded in either PDF or Microsoft Word format and must include 3 work related references.
  • Do not include your academic documents.
  • Only candidates who meet the requirements should apply.

Our recruitment process

  • Stage 1: Initial application
  • Stage 2: First round interview (phone or in person)
  • Stage 3: Written assignment
  • Stage 4: Management interview and Peer Interview

This is a rolling application process, we will keep the position open until we find the right candidate for the role. We estimate that the full process will take 4 weeks from initial submission of your application to final decision.