Refer an Entrepreneur

Know any Unreasonable entrepreneurs? Help them take flight! Refer an applicant, and you could WIN a day at the 2015 Unreasonable East Africa Institute!

There are Unreasonable entrepreneurs all over East Africa, and while we’re always on the lookout for them, we know we haven’t crossed paths with all of them. We don’t want this to stop us from finding the best of the best, so this is where you come in! Refer your most Unreasonable friends to us – if they make it through our application process and into our 2015 class, you win! Our Institute is open only to Unreasonable fellows, mentors and investors, but if you win, we’ll give you exclusive pass to our Institute for one full day!

How to Enter

Step 1: Find your most Unreasonable friend. Think through who you know; are any of them entrepreneurs solving massive social or environmental problems through their business? See more about our Eligibility Criteria here.

Step 2: Tell us about them. Fill in this short form letting us know about them. We’ll make sure they get the application information.

Step 3: Make sure they apply to Unreasonable East Africa! Get them to our application here, and make sure they fill it out. We’ve found ice cream to be a good motivator.

The Prize!

If the entrepreneur you refer is selected as one of our 2015 fellows, you win a day with us at the Unreasonable East Africa Institute.

You are in for an Unreasonable surprise!

Refer an Unreasonable Now!