UEA Transporter 2017

To download a copy of the JD, please click here

Position: Short term contract

Dates: 1st August – 15th September, 2017

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Your mission: To make sure our guests(entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and others as considered) are where they need/want to be when if it involves some kind of transportation during our 5-week program. To succeed in this role, you have to enjoy a lot of coordination, driving and should be a great conversationalist! There will be at least 150 individual trips during this period :).

Key Responsibilities

  • Know Kampala really well and be available to provide real time guidance to any of our guests that needs help finding their way around. This includes:
    • Helping people figure out public transport
    • Helping people coordinate with other ways/forms of transportation e.g a cab service
  • Manage multiple transportation schedules, in the case where the transportation is our responsibility, for our guests. There will a lot of changes because of flight cancellations, schedule changes, changes in bookings, delays and it will be your responsibility to make sure we are still able to deliver a seamless transportation experience to all our guests with no room for error.
  • Driving our guests to and from the airport or back to their homes of residence if based in Kampala, where you’ll enjoy one-on-one conversations with some really incredible, successful and high profile individuals East Africa. Click here to see a list of some of our mentors.
  • Be able to coordinate alternative transportation options when necessary. There are multiple occasions where you will have conflicting transportation options and you will be expected to coordinate alternative options to still succeed in your role.
  • Be a constantly warm and cheery(happy and optimistic) presence making people feel immediately welcome and comfortable when they you interact with them, when picking them up or when they show up at the Unreasonable Mansion.
  • Run errands for our team including picking up and dropping off stuff during multiple occasions.
  • Doing whatever it takes to give an UNREASONABLE advantage to companies. We are a small entrepreneurial team that steps up when there is work to be done.  At times, you’ll be expected to work outside of just your role to contribute to our team’s overall efforts.

We Want Someone Who (Qualifications):

Education/Work Experience

  • You can speak English fluently, can use a computer and are comfortable using Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • You have worked for yourself, in a startup or in a very small business before. You are willing to work beyond the job description, wear many hats, and roll with constant change.

Skills + Capabilities

  • You have a Uganda driving license.
  • You have a gift in storytelling and are a great conversationalist. Most of your work will involve telling a story or engaging people in conversation especially during long pickups and drop offs.
  • You really enjoy talking to people! You will constantly engage individuals coming through the door of the Unreasonable Mansion, making them feel immediately welcome and doing whatever it takes to make them comfortable and feel like part of the UEA community.
  • You do not get bored of driving. There will be certain periods of time when you will be driving  to and from the airport 3 – 4 times a day.
  • You are able to delegate tasks effectively to the rest of the team – you physically may not be able to drive to the airport every time so you need to set up a system where you know who you can delegate this to.
  • You are comfortable under pressure. You’ll need to keep a lot of balls in the air and be in a lot of places at once! You are an incredible problem solver.
  • You have an uncompromising record of punctuality, hospitality, and organizational capability.
  • You are willing to tackle projects without much guidance/structure. You will be called upon to build structure.  You can show us how you have stepped into ambiguous and disorganized situations and brought structure.  
  • You believe that we > I (a hat tip to Skillshare for sharing this great value with us). We believe in finding ways to expand the pie so that everyone can get a larger slice rather than trying to claim as much value as possible from a fixed pie.  Thus, we believe in pathological collaboration and that this journey is about all of us.
  • You know that the “magic is in the details”. You pay attention to the small things that make a difference. You believe that no task is too small.
  • Most importantly, you strongly believe in our vision and mission – the power of entrepreneurship to solve some of the greatest challenges that we face, and will jump for an opportunity to play a small part in a grand journey.

Our UEA Values

We are a values-driven company, and we love to work with people that share these values:

  • Treat everyone like the Messiah
  • Be militantly transparent
  • Lean into fear
  • Experiment boldly
  • Do what works
  • Get shit done
  • Remember to dance

How to APPLY

  • By Friday 2nd June, 2017, send an email to becky@unreasonableeastafrica.org with the subject line “UEA Transporter: [Your Name]”.  Tell us why you want to apply for the role. Please set out your experience and why you want to work for Unreasonable East Africa.