Unreasonable Financial Architects

Location: Kampala, Uganda

The problem

We select 10-12 companies to attend each Unreasonable East Africa program. We think these entrepreneurs have the greatest chance to grow their companies to meet the pressing social and environmental problems of our time. The entrepreneurs are passionate, their traction is considerable, and their thinking is sophisticated.

But there is one problem: our entrepreneurs are not financial or accounting experts (and they tend to lack a teammate who is either!). They know how to design products that customers will buy, but they don’t know how to design financial models. They know how to cast a vision, but they don’t know how to translate that vision into their financial models. They know how to build relationships with investors, but they don’t know how to give those investors confidence by building sound internal norms and financial policies.

The solution: YOU

Enter you, the Unreasonable Financial Architect. Your role will be to build the financial and accounting infrastructure for the companies attending our 2016 program. To get a better idea on what they will look like, please see our 2014 class here and 2015 class here. From diagnosing the state of a company’s current financial affairs, to cleaning up the books, to building a financial model from which the entrepreneur can make management decisions, you role will be to step in as the temporary CFO of multiple early-stage impact-focused ventures.

Your ultimate goal?  Help UEA companies build internal financials systems and policies that makes them make more sound management decisions and enter investor conversations with confidence!

More specifically, you will:

Financial Architects


Your first job is to be a doctor and figure out where it hurts

  • Work directly with each  entrepreneur (CEO and/or CFO) to understand the existing financial health of the organization
  • Review their chart of accounts
  • Pretend you are an investor and review their internal financial policies, looking for things that you would find concerning


Your second job is to take the current financial state of a venture and design a process to get to a state of financial health

  • Architect a game plan to get venture to a state of financial and accounting health
  • Establish an Accounting Department Operations dashboard


Your third job is to execute the game plan you designed to get the venture to financial health

  • Work closely with the CEO/CFO to build out/update historical and forward-looking financial documents
  • Help the venture develop and implement sound internal processes
  • Help entrepreneurs prepare investor-documents


Your fourth (and most important job) will be empower the entrepreneur to own their financial and accounting management

  • Teach the entrepreneur the principles and methods of maintaining financial health. The goal will be for them to own their finances and accounting going forward, even when you are no longer working with them.

The Opportunity

This role is equal parts learning, teaching, and doing, a combination that we hope gives long-term value to you, your skill set, and your impact on the world.


  • You will learn how to apply the financial and accounting principles you have learned in a real-life context, working directly and on the ground with entrepreneurs that are pioneering solutions to some of the toughest social and environmental challenges that we face in our time.
  • You will also be working closely with some of our capital partners and guided by some of our mentors, some of the brightest minds in the region and around the world ranging from Angel Investors to the portfolio manager of LGTVP in East Africa to entrepreneurs that have raised over $1 million in funding in East Africa.


You will be teaching the principles of financial health to the entrepreneurs you work with, further solidifying them for yourself while empowering entrepreneurs to take greater ownership over their financial health.


This is not theory – this is turning your theory into action.  The companies need your help!  You will be actually building financial models, renovating historical financial documents, and playing a central role in the investment process.  The success of this lies squarely on your shoulders.

As a bonus

  • You get to make a dent on some of the toughest social and environmental challenges that we face by supporting our entrepreneurs.
  • You get to interact with our network of over 550+ funders including impact investors, foundations and angels while working with our ventures.

Who we want

If you could see yourself as a CFO one day or want to get involved in start up financing, this position is for YOU.

  • Experience building complex financial models, conducting quantitative and qualitative financial analysis and scenario analysis
  • Experience using financial documents to make management/strategic decisions
  • Experience as an entrepreneur, working with entrepreneurs, or in entrepreneurial, ambiguous environments
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel and Quickbook skills
  • BA in Finance or Accounting; advanced degree preferred or similar qualification

Compensation and Duration


Overall Duration:  4 months on the ground in Kampala, from May – End of August, 2016


Travel and living stipends available, based on needs / experience

How to apply

Step 1: How to Apply

  1. Submit the following by April 12th, 2016 to Mandela Ivan, our VP of Finance and Administration, at ivan@unreasonableeastafrica.org:
    1. Your resume
    2. An expression of interest as to why you’re the perfect Unreasonable Financial Architect (in place of the cover letter)
    3. An example of your previous work piece that demonstrates your expertise for example a financial model that you have built previously

Step 2: If you move to the next round, we will have you do the following

  1. Have an interview with the Unreasonable Team
  2. Provide at least 3 references
  3. Complete a Job-Related Challenge (which we will explain at that time)

Step 3: Our goal is to make you an offer by end of April, 2016

Step 4: We would love you to start sometime in May, 2016