Dear [Entrepreneur’s Name],

We’re excited to announce an official partnership with the Unreasonable East Africa, and we are writing to you now because we believe you should consider applying for the 2014 Unreasonable East Africa Institute!

To give you a little background, Unreasonable East Africa  is based on a model that has been successful in Boulder, Colorado called the Unreasonable Institute. Each year Unreasonable East Africa will unite 10 ventures from across region to live under 1 roof in Kampala, Uganda for 6 weeks. These entrepreneurs will receive customised training and support from 50 top notch world class mentors ranging from Kamran Elahian, a founder of 10 for-profits and 2 non-profits, 2 of which have IPO’d for USD 1 billion each to Jim Thaller, senior Agribusiness Advisor to the World Bank, an entrepreneur with 4 successful startups and 20 years experience in the specialty food industry. In the process, entrepreneurs will form relationships with corporations, international and regional organisations, receive legal advice and pro bono accounting services. They will also get to interact and work with over 30 investors, funders and Angels. The goal is to provide  them with the knowledge, resources, tools and global network they need to maximise and scale their impact.

They do all this while living under the same roof in Kampala, Uganda East Africa  for 6 weeks with 10 entrepreneurs from all over the region! If you think it sounds interesting, you can learn more here and apply here! The deadline is November 7th 2013.

Most sincerely and unreasonably yours,

[Your Name]