How the Marketplace Works

Tuition: To attend the Institute, each venture must pay a certain fee upfront..

Why this is a problem: For our class of 2015, we are charging ventures $3,000 upfront to attend our Institute. This is a lot of money! And for most of our ventures, they don’t have $3,000 sitting around.

What we do about it: Selected ventured are able to use a crowd-funding platform, the Unreasonable Marketplace, to raise the funds. The Marketplace is open for 30 days, during which time ventures reach out to their networks and we at Unreasonable East Africa reach out to our network to get the funds needed to attend. 

How it has worked in the past: In the past year, the marketplace was open for 5 weeks in March and April, 2014. 6 of our 12 ventures managed to raise their full tuition from the Unreasonable Marketplace. The rest of the ventures that did not raise this full tuition had to pay for their own tuition. The Marketplace is not mandatory, and ventures who are able to pay for the tuition are encouraged to do so.

A special note: Don’t let the cost be a deterrent! If you can’t afford the upfront cost to attend our program, apply anyway! We want East Africa’s most Unreasonable entrepreneurs to be a part of our program and we will help you get here! We’ll provide you a platform to raise it via our custom-built crowd funding marketplace or through other means!

How does the marketplace look? Please see below!

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.44.36 PM (2)

If you have further questions about how the Marketplace can help cover the costs of attending the Institute, please email Joachim Ewechu at