About Us

Unreasonable East Africa exists to give entrepreneurs tackling East Africa’s greatest challenges an “unreasonable advantage”. How? Each year we match a 12-15 carefully vetted ventures from around East Africa with over 50 world class mentors(ranging from a founder of 10 companies, 3 of which IPO’d for between $700m and $1billion each to the co-founder of a company that has moved upto 760,000 people out of poverty), a dense concentration of capital sources(over a dozen different funders) and a global network of support at a 5-week boot camp in Kampala, Uganda.

About the Unreasonable Opening Reception

July 2, 2014

This serves as the formal beginning to the 2014 Unreasonable East Africa Institute and the first opportunity for our entrepreneurs to engage with the Kampala community. Our hope is to get our ventures interacting with local supporters in the Kampala Ecosystem who will constantly engage with them and support them during our 5 weeks program. Each venture will have exactly 2 minutes on stage sharing briefly about their work. Are you looking for an OPPORTUNITY to Meet Our Ventures and hopefully work with/support them? Well then this event is for YOU.

Learn more about our 2014 Ventures here!

  • Eco Fuels Kenya

    Supporting sustainable livelihoods through sustainable energy + fertilizer productionRead More


  • Grab A Book

    Village Energy

    Designing solar energy solutions for communities

    Read More

  • Grab A Book

    Grab A Book

    Improving children’s education by creating libraries in slum schools

    Read More

  • Grab A Book

    Geel Medical Services

    High-quality healthcare service providers offering affordable, comprehensive care

    Read More

  • Green Bio Energy

    Providing more efficient and environmentally sustainable cooking options.

    Read More

  • I-Care Pads

    Empowering women + girls through improved menstrual health

    Read More

  • Jibu

    Equipping entrepreneurs to start affordable safe water businesses.

    Read More

  • Juabar

    Solar-powered electricity convenience stores for an off-grid world.

    Read More

  • KadAfrica

    Equipping smallholder farmers with the tools for sustainable livelihoods through passion fruit cultivation.

    Read More

  • SmartLife

    Increasing access to water and wellness products through subscription + delivery services.

    Read More

  • Wana Energy Solutions

    Affordable clean cooking options for households + businesses

    Read More

  • Telesat International Cottage Industrial Development Institute

    Entrepreneurship development center

    Read More


Venue: Big Mike’s – The Yard

{google_map}Big Mikes Kampala{/google_map}


 The Schedule

6.45-7.00pm: Arrival and Registration
7.00-7.05pm: Welcoming Remarks 
7.05- 7.10PM: Presentation from Global Good Fund
7.10-7.40pm: All of our ventures giving 2-minute presentations
7.40-7.45pm: Closing Remarks
7.45pm-Onwards: Unreasonable mingling

Heartfelt Thanks to our Unreasonable Partners for making this happen!

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