VP of Venture Support

Deadline: 21st February, 2014 11.59 pm EAT

What we do.  

Each year, we match a dozen carefully vetted ventures from around East Africa with 50 mentors (ranging from a founder of 3 companies which IPO’d for over $1 billion to the co-founder of Kickstart, which has moved 760,000+ people out of poverty) and over a dozen potential investors at a 5-week bootcamp in Kampala, Uganda. By giving them access to world-class mentorship, a dense concentration of capital sources, and a network that will stay behind them, we give these ventures an unreasonable advantage in addressing East Africa’s greatest challenges.


Unreasonable East Africa is replicating the successful Unreasonable Institute model in Boulder, Colorado, focused on tailoring their model to the East African context.

Core job to be done.

This job has one ultimate goal: to build a dedicated team of the right support for our entrepreneurs. This is the biggest job we do at Unreasonable East Africa. We strive to create a team of the right mentors, funders and support for each of our entrepreneurs. We need someone who can lead this effort and help us deliver the greatest of value to all our ventures so that they can grow tremendously. We are hiring someone who can help us:

  • Lead the application and selection process every year
  • Design a 5 week institute every year that is customised to the class of that year

  • Design and build a strong alumni program to ensure continuous support to our ventures even when they leave the institute

  • Build and implement systems to help us measure our impact

Responsibilities include.

Leading the application and selection process

    • Creating and executing on best practices and methodology to help us attract as many really good applications as possible for our program.
    • Lead Unreasonable East Africa’s selection process making sure it runs more than smoothly.
    • Continuously refine these processes and advise the team on how to constantly improve our efforts in the application and selection process.

Customising the Institute for the entrepreneurs.

    • Conduct diagnostic interviews: Work with our team to help our ventures gain clarity about where they are, where they want to go, and what stands in their way to get there.
    • Match entrepreneur needs with resources: Match the needs of our entrepreneurs with the resources (mentors, corporations, workshops, events, etc) that will address those needs
    • Design the curriculum of the 5 week program based on these needs.

Join the entrepreneur’s team

    • Before the Institute:  Work with the entrepreneur after diagnosing their needs to develop milestones/deliverables for the 5-week institute.
    • During the Institute:  Monitor their progress and understand the evolution of their needs, hold entrepreneurs accountable to completing deliverables, and guide them on how to capitalize on the curriculum.
    • After the Institute and beyond: Help them to understand the changing needs and progress of the ventures that have come through the Institute and match entrepreneurs with resources and opportunities based on those needs.

Doing whatever it takes to give an UNREASONABLE advantage to ventures. We are a small entrepreneurial team that steps up when there is work to be done.  At times, you’ll be expected to work outside of just your role to contribute to our team’s overall efforts.

 We are looking for someone who….

  • Has worked for a startup, worked in a startup environment, and/or have worked in supporting startups to grow.
  • Has experience using data collection and analysis to make decisions and you can show how you have mined and collected data in nuanced ways. You should be able to show how your analyses influenced strategies and led to shifts in direction.
  • Has experience in writing and designing briefs and analyses that boil large volumes of information down to what’s important. You can show us the before and after, how you have visually/graphically represented complex ideas and how you’re able to distill complicated verbal arguments into simple and digestible forms.
  • Is willing to to tackle projects without much guidance/structure. You will be the one building structure. You also should be able to survive in an ever-changing, entrepreneurial environment and working on projects where the path to success is not laid out for them.
  • Is committed to revisiting the problem to make sure that the proposed solution or answer is actually addressing the root cause of the issue and you can show how you have experimented, learned, adapted, and then re-experimented.
  • Is committed to serve this team. You believe that no task is too small. You can show how from a place of authority, you have humbled yourself to serve the people you were working with.
  • Has Strong relationship-building and maintaining skills
  • Has a hunger for learning and an ability to learn fast

If you get selected…

You will be compensated 🙂  |  This position is paid as a salaried employee.   The amount of pay will be commensurate with experience and also based on performance.

You will Learn  |  We thrive on learning and pushing our boundaries. We do not expect that you will have already done everything this job entails or will entail.  We expect and will support you as you learn new skills along the way both about working with our ventures(i.e relationship building) and for your own growth (i.e. public speaking)

You will Join and Unreasonable Network  |  You’ll join the Unreasonable Family.  First and foremost, our core team. Then, a global network that has been built by UI East Africa and UI Boulder; a network that includes of 82 ventures from around the world, 100+ mentors, 200+ partners.  You’ll not only build remarkable friendships that will last you a lifetime, you’ll also have the chance to learn from incredible people. Want to be mentored by an entrepreneur that has moved up to 750,000 out of poverty? We can help you with that. Want to ideate using a methodology developed by the former head of User Experience at Google X. You’ll have the chance in this role. Want to learn from a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has started up to 10 companies, 3 of which have IPO’d for $1 billion each? You’ll have a chance to meet Unreasonable Mentor Kamrain Elahain during our institute.  In short, we are confident that whatever skill you want to advance, or whatever place you want to go, the Unreasonable community can help you with that.

You will be engaged in Meaningful Work|  We believe life is to short to work on things you don’t care about.

Your work environment…

A Values driven team | Be a part of our small team that strives to live the Unreasonable Values in everything we do.  Your main co-conspirator will be our CEO.

No two days are alike | Given the diversity of projects you will work on, we don’t expect that you will get bored doing the same thing day in and day out.  It’s hard for us to remember 2 days that were the same.

Live in Kampala, Uganda | Unreasonable East Africa is based in Kampala, Uganda.

We’re flexible | We are less interested in structure and more interested what helps people come alive and accomplish in time all the tasks at hand .

Bottom line: If you want to work for a team you’ll love (we’re going out on a limb here), do work that makes possible the creation of large-scale impact, build lifelong friends with some of the most remarkable people from around the world, AND get paid for it, what are you waiting for?


Deadline: 21st February, 2014 11.59 pm EAT